Annika Wünsche

Annika Wünsche joined the management of the DGB Bildungswerk BUND in January 2021, responsible among other things for human resources, international affairs including the office in Latin America, migration and gender equality. She has ten years of experience in the DGB Federal Executive Board as head of the Executive Board area of the DGB Vice. She brings a total of seven years of European and international experience in gender equality issues, on the one hand at the European Trade Union Confederation ETUC (member of the Executive Board of the Women’s Committee, intensive and active work on the EU directive Work-Life Balance, including political lobbying Europe and Germany), on the other hand at the International Trade Union Confederation ITUC (member of the Women’s Committee, member of the General Council of the ITUC) and regularly participates in the political work on the zero draft in the framework of the UNCSW, ILO, as well as steers and coordinates the political lobbying for Europe in the framework of the C190 discussion and campaign.