It is Time to Deliver, G7 Leaders!

2022 W7 Campaign

Time to deliver was the motto of the 2022 Women7 Campaign to remind G7 leaders to make concrete political and financial commitments with transformative impact on the lives of women and girls in all their diversity. The campaign was officially launched at the W7 Kickoff Event on 20 January, 2022, where the colorful campaign video “Hey G7, We are Women7!” was shown publicly for the first time.

Women7 Podcast with Heinrich Böll Foundation

“Our Voices, our Choices” is the name of the Heinrich Böll Foundation’s international, gender equality policy podcast series. During the German G7 presidency, Women7 is cooperating with “Our Voices, our Choices” for a very special project: In a three-part podcast series, you will learn how the W7 Dialogue contributes to bringing the perspective of civil society into the G7 process and which gender equality policy issues will be in focus in 2022.

Part one looks at the history of the Women7. How did this informal group of feminist civil society representatives come into being? Who is actually behind the W7? These and other questions are the focus of the first episode, produced by Franziska Walser of the Audio Collective. Click here for the episode (Only available in German language).

The second episode “W7 – Engaging for Gender Equitable Climate Policy” looks into the gendered consequences of the climate crisis. Why are women and girls affected differently by climate change? And how are the G7 and W7 committed to ensuring that climate justice also means gender justice? These and other questions are the subject of the second podcast episode produced by Vanessa Loewel of the Audio Collective. Click here to listen to the episode (Only available in German language).

What are the outcomes of the G7 dialogue under the German presidency? What role will the issues of gender equality and gender justice play in the final declaration of the G7 countries to be adopted in Elmau? Will the W7 be satisfied with the outcome? More on this in the third episode of the W7 podcast series of “Our Voices, our Choices.” Click here to listen to the episode in German or in English.

W7 Advisors present their key recommendations to G7 leaders

Following a three-months-consultation process, W7 Advisors agreed on a list of key recommendations calling on G7 leaders to deliver on a gender-just future. W7 Advisors recorded parts of these demands on video which were subsequently published in a 30-day countdown om W7 social media channels in the run up to the 2022 G7 Summit.

Compilations of W7 recommendations to G7 Leaders

Compiling key demands to G7 leaders from W7 Advisors’ individual videos above, Women7 published three videos focusing on 1) Women’s Economic Empowerment, Justice & Right and Gender Equal COVID Recovery, 2) Climate Justice, 3) Gender based Violence and Feminist Foreign Policy in the framework of the W7 Summit’s panel discussions.

Women7-FES Blog Series “Considering the entire economic picture?”

As part of an online blog series, “Considering the entire economic picture?”, the political foundation Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) cooperates with Women7 and Deutscher Frauenrat to offer a space for debate to examine the impact of the current coronavirus situation on women’s economic circumstance.

The blog posts aimed to contribute to the Women7 Dialogue in a progressive, critical and constructive spirit concentrating especially on the key topics “Women’s Economic Empowerment, Justice & Rights” and a “Gender Equal COVID recovery”.

Follow this link and read through previous articles: “Considering the entire economic picture?” (

Women7 invites to Instagram Live Sessions

To increase the Outreach of #Timetodeliver, Women7 invited feminist activist, organizations and political stakeholders to the Instagram Live Session Format “Hey G7, Are you ready for gender equality?” to discuss current questions and challenges of W7 key areas.

Previous Session topics include:

  • “Promoting Girls’ Education in Times of Crisis”
  • “The Role of Sexual & Reproductive Health for Women’s Empowerment”
  • “From Berlin to Elmau – Debriefing Of the W7 Summit 2022”
  • „Joining Forces with Women20”
  • „Queering development cooperation in the G7?”