Davies Okombo


Davies Okombo (he/his/him) is a PhD candidate in development studies with a focus on women rights. He is 44 years old Kenya national, and is currently implementing development programmes in Kenya and Lesotho. He has demonstrated skills and experience in women issues in Kenya and globally. He is a member of the G7 Global Taskforce. In 2017 during the G20 German Presidency, he participated actively in developing policy briefs for the Civil20 which is one of the official engagement groups of the G20. He co-chaired the Civil20 Gender, Inequality, and Social Protection Working groups which contributed in developing policy recommendations for the G20 Summit held in Hamburg, Germany. He has been a panellist in the subsequent Civil20 Summits, and has consistently brought the African voice in international dialogue. He serves as a guest speaker in various universities including the University of Cooperative Education in Stuttgart, Germany.