Did the G7 deliver? – W7 Report Card on G7 outcomes

With the W7 Report Card the W7 evaluates the outcomes of the 2022 German G7 presidency, guided by the slogan “Progress towards an equitable world”.

Report Card on G7 Outcomes – Time to Deliver!

In May 2022, W7 handed over the W7 Communiqué and Implementation Plan to German Chancellor and G7 President Olaf Scholz. The Group of 7 (G7) is an informal forum of the world’s (formerly) most powerful economies, which still produce nearly half of global GDP. The two documents were developed during a six-month consultation process with the W7 Advisors, and prior to that with the W7 Think Tank. With an explicit focus on the Global South and guided by an intersec­tional approach, the documents contain concrete recommenda­tions to G7 leaders on the following six key areas:

  1. Women’s Economic Empowerment, Justice and Rights
  2. Gender Equal Covid-19 Recovery
  3. Climate Justice
  4. Feminist Foreign Policy
  5. Ending Violence against Women and Girls and Gender-Based Violence
  6. Accountability Mechanisms

To guide the discussion within these policy fields, W7 Germany defined the following four key demands as prerequisites for achieving progress in gender equality:

  • ensuring meaningful participation and representation
  • applying gender as a cross-cutting principle
  • implementing gender-responsive budgeting
  • investing in sex and gender-responsive intersectional ap­proaches to data generation

The report now takes stock: Did the G7 deliver on the W7 demands?

Press release: The German G7 Presidency ends: Women7 takes positive stock

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