G7 Gender Equality Ministers and Civil Society Dialogue was held as a follow-up to the Gender Ministerial Meeting and a way forward for the future G7 process


On June 26, the G7 Gender Equality Ministers and Civil Society Dialogue was co-hosted by Women7 Japan and the Delegation of European Union to Japan, following the Gender Ministerial Meeting. After sharing the outcomes and the feedback on the Ministers’ Meeting, representatives from civil society and ministers had a constructive dialogue in the panel discussion sessions.

All panelists have recognized the needs of further concrete actions and long-term flexible financial resources to achieve transformative changes and break through intersectional and social barriers against gender equality in all economic, social and political spheres, whilst welcoming some progress and reflections of the W7 communiqué and related statements to the G7 Communiqué and Ministerial Joint Statements. The panelists also reconfirmed the significance of intersectoral and intersectional cooperative partnership and agreed to continue building up long-term cooperative bonds.

The event concluded with future prospects and expectations for the future G7 and W7 process. A delegate from the next G7 presidency of Italy and three Japanese youth representatives called for carrying on and strengthening the momentum of W7 and realising meaningful youth participation, gender equality in all sectors and issues, and intersectional synergistic cooperation between multi-stakeholders.

Photo Credit:Women7/ Yu Murase