Jennifer Mansey


Jennifer Mansey is currently heading the department for women and diversity policy at Germany’s third largest labor union IGBCE. In her role she oversees the union’s work on women’s economic empowerment and equal pay policies. She is also responsible for outreach activities to women, LGTBQI+ and minority groups in the workplace.

As an advocate for women’s and labor rights, gender equality and social justice she has worked on these topics nationally and internationally. As a public policy officer for the ILO Office of the United States she implemented an outreach strategy to US-based universities and think tanks. In her role as advisor to a German Minister of Labor she supported the adoption of a minimum wage in Germany and the participatory process on the future of work.

Jennifer is a labor rights and gender equality specialist with over 10 years of work experience for a UN agency, the German government, a labor union and a political party.