Modi Enosa Mbaraza


Ms Modi Enosa Mbaraza (she/ her/ hers) holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work and Social policy from the University of Nottingham United Kingdom. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management from Bugema University, Uganda. MS Modi is a champion of young women’s leaders in South Sudan.  Modi was the Founder and the Executive Director of the Young Women Christian Association YWCA of South that aimed at empowering women and girls to achieve justice, peace and human dignity. YWCA is one of the National Women-led organizations with more than 8 branches across the country, and has over 65 employees and 30 volunteers who are dedicated members and full-time staff to move the objective of the reorganization forward.  Ms. Modi has been able to create study opportunities for young women volunteering for YWCA through her network alliance with other countries within Europe, Asia, and Africa to acquire scholarships and join University and professional international internship experience. More than 12 women and young women have transformed their carrier and now hold a key role in international organizations where they influence decisions, others sit as a member of parliament both at the national and state level. Some are now leading and have created their own initiatives to empower other young women and girls in rural communities.

Through her dedication to transforming the life of young women in leadership positions, Ms. Modi has been educating the local community across South Sudan on UNSCR1325 where her organization applies a multi-sector approach to respond to the effect war has created on the lives of local people. In addition, create awareness on WPS and the role women and girls play during conflict and post Conflict. Ms. Modi was one of the dedicated Civil Society Women representatives who contributed to the South Sudan peace process through lobbying for more engendered Peace Negotiation in Addis Ababa, by mobilizing women and youth for peaceful discussion, and conducting Civic engagement and dialogue on peace with community and policymakers. Jointly with other Civil Society groups in Addis, Ms. Modi had several lobbing with political parties and the international community pushing for increased seats for South Sudanese women to meaningful participation in the Peace Process. Her contribution has been recognized through increased quotes for women from 25% to 35%   as stipulated in South Sudan revitalized peace agreement. Ms. Modi was selected the only female Chairperson who led election process for South Sudan referendum in Yambio county, greater western Equatoria state in 2011.

Recently Modi was recognized by winning South Sudan Peace Award for her outstanding work in Humanitarian services   Modi has participated and spoken in several National and international forums on women’s rights such as CSW, Human right commission, Donors meeting in Oslo, African Union Summit. Modi is also a member of the World YWCA based in Geneva. Ms. Modi is an active member of several Humanitarian coordination meetings in SSD, Education Cluster, NGO forum, GBV Sub cluster, and Civil society forum, South Sudan Women-Led organization forum supported By CARE international, South Sudan Women Coalition, Member of Civic engagement steering committee.