G7 Engagement Groups Unite for Achieving Gender Equality

NEWS 06.13.2023

Ahead of the G7 Gender Ministers’ Meeting, the Civil7 (C7), Pride7 (P7), Think7 (T7), Women7 (W7), and Youth7 (Y7) Engagement Groups released the Joint Statement ‘Reigniting the 2030 Agenda: Achieving Gender Equality Now and For Future Generations’ in an unprecedented show of solidarity for gender equality as a key intersectional issue for achieving the SDGs. This Joint Statement was created through a collaborative process between representatives of the C7, P7, T7, W7, and Y7.

Achieving gender equality is key to building resilience and safeguarding the world against current and future crises. The Joint Statement urges G7 Leaders to take urgent and ambitious steps to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with a broad focus beyond the indicators set forth in SDG 5: Gender Equality. Emphasis is given to expanding social protections, ratifying ILO conventions, committing to universal basic income, increasing investment in education and upskilling, launching a people-centered and gender-sensitive measurement of human wellbeing and socioeconomic and environmental prosperity to supplement GDP, and strengthening accountability mechanisms for G7 commitments.

Finally, in response to some of the new challenges in the world today and the ensure that gender equality can be achieved now and sustained for future generations, the Joint Statement advocates for timely action to address the following additions for a post-2030 Agenda:

– Gender Equality in Digital and Emerging Technologies
– Gender Equality for All
– Gender Equality in Addressing the Climate Crisis
– Gender Equality Through Feminist Foreign Policy (FFP) and Peacebuilding
– Equal and Affordable Global Health Access and Comprehensive Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
– Gender Equality in Food and Nutritional Security and Supply Chain

C7P7T7W7Y7 Joint Statement on the 2030 Agenda