Women7 2022 – Germany

The 2022 W7 Dialogue was chaired by Deutscher Frauenrat (National Council of German Women Organizations) who formed an advisor network of more than 60 feminists from 24 countries, who together prepared and advocated key recommendations to the G7 leaders.

Four cross-cutting issues underpinned discussions about the W7’s key demands:

The core principles were mainstreamed along six thematic areas:

These demands were brought forward with the campaign slogan “Time to deliver”. The motto of the 2022 Women7 Campaign reminded G7 leaders to make concrete political and financial commitments with transformative impact on the lives of women and girls in all their diversity. The campaign was officially launched at the W7 Kickoff event on January 20, 2022 and continued throughout the year.

The second half of the W7 presidency was then all about the question: Did the G7 deliver? With the publication of a report card and a handbook, Women7 Germany evaluated the 2022 W7 presidency and G7 outcomes in regard to gender equality. Even though there is a lack of concrete political and financial commitments, some important milestones were achieved:

W7 2022 Communique

G7 2022 Leaders’ Communique


Project Lead: Juliane Rosin rosin@frauenrat.de
Project Coordinator: Caroline Ausserer ausserer@frauenrat.de