Caitlin Kraft-Buchman

CEO/ Founder, Women at the Table / Alliance Inclusive Algorithms

Caitlin Kraft-Buchman, CEO/Founder Women at the Table – gender equality & systems change CSO based in Switzerland, Co-Founder/Leader <A+> Alliance for Inclusive Algorithms – global coalition ensuring a world where machine learning does not wire already biased systems into our future. A+ is leader Generation Equality Action Coalition for Technology & Innovation; Caitlin was co-chair of Expert Group for CSW67 whose theme is Technology & Innovation. Caitlin is also co-founder of International Gender Champions – with hubs in Geneva, New York, Vienna, Nairobi, The Hague & Paris bringing together female & male heads of organizations to break down gender barriers. The UN Secretary General is one of its 250 members.

W7 Advisor