Lemona Chanda

Founder, OurCause

Lemona is a gender equity and development activist and the Founder of OurCause, a not-for-profit organisation that promotes the Sustainable Development Goals. She works on policy development and awareness-building with marginalised communities in low and middle-income countries. Lemona has been chosen the UN Champion for Change for her work in women empowerment which has involved the marginalised communities in Bangladesh including mentoring indigenous girls and raising awareness of the LGBTQ+ community. Her primary focus is on women’s economic empowerment with emphasis on land rights, financial and digital inclusion. In the UK, she has been selected as the EMpower Ethnic Minority Future Leader for her work in diversity and inclusion. Lemona works with marginalised communities and empowers the youth globally on leadership, social impact, STEM, financial and digital literacy. She works with the minority communities in Bangladesh including the LGBTQ community, sex workers as well as religious and ethnic minorities to reform land. She is the Law & Advocacy Director of Women in Global Health, Bangladesh, an Executive Committee of the UNA’s Women’s Advisory Council and WILPF UK.

W7 Advisor