Miki Kanai

Youth Advocacy member, Plan International

Youth advocacy member of Plan International Japan. Born and raised in Japan but also lived in the states and Canada for a few years. This multi-cultural experience made me aware of the concept of social minorities and the severnenss of the gender gap in Japan. It was no news that many of my friends were sexually harrased in public transport daily, women around me to be paid less at work, take on housework more than their partners, women over-sexualized in media etc. Being devasted of this reality, I started volunteer work from middle school and joined Plan International Youth Advocacy group in Japan in 2020 hoping to make a change. We have been working on different topics every year including date DV, sexuality education, and lookism etc. through organizing workshops, spreading awareness through SNS and submitting advocacy proposals to government officials and relavant organizations. My passion and personal studies focused on SRHR and sexuality education, and hope to contribute to W7 in this realm.

W7 Advisor