Riju Dhakal

General member, YUWA

Riju Dhakal, 24, former President at YUWA (2020-2022) has completed her Bachelor of Public Health from the Central Department of Public Health, Institute of Medicine. YUWA is a youth-led youth-run organization that works for diverse issues of young people including SRHR. She has been an SRHR activist for more than three years and has been involved in national, regional, and international level advocacy processes and evidence generation under YUWA. She is passionate about Comprehensive Sexuality Education and young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights. She has represented Nepal at platforms like the 50th Human Rights Council, 47th Human Rights Council, Generation Equality Forum, Pleasure Project, Congress of World Association for Sexual Health-2021, and many more to talk about young people’s SRHR needs and position in Nepal. Besides that, she is also passionate about poetry and traveling.

W7 Advisor