Yurika Morii

Vice Chief Executive Officer of Policy Proposal Department, Japan Youth Platform for Sustainability Penultimate Year International Relations Student, Durham University

Yurika started thinking about the significance of the role of youth and women and the necessity of the global level partnerships between multi-stakeholders by being impressed by young activists’ actions and their influence in her high school days. Since then, she has actively participated in domestic and international activities to exchange views and to build up cooperative partnerships. She joined Japan Youth Platform for Sustainability in April, 2022.  As an officer of Japan Youth Platform for Sustainability, she participated in the panel discussion and the policy proposal making process at the United Nation’s Third Global Conference on Strengthening Synergies between the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and worked as a drafting member of the policy proposal at the ESCAP North-East Asia Development Cooperation Forum in 2022.

W7 Advisor