Women7 Outreach Event “We are here, we are loud! United against the backlash” on October 14, 2022

14 October 2022 |

 Download the event’s agenda and  speaker overview.

With the German G7 Presidency drawing to a close, it was now the turn of the G7 Gender Equality Ministers to meet and discuss how to achieve a more equitable G7. Women7 took this opportunity to gather its international network of W7 Advisors and reaffirm its recommendations and demands for a gender equitable world.

The global gender backlash not only threatens the rights of women and LGBTIQ* people worldwide, but it also endangers peaceful coexistence and democratic civil society. On October 14, 2022, over 160 participants from civil society and G7 governments came together in Germany’s oldest queer club to discuss how to counteract these movements and how to achieve a more gender-equal world. “We are here, we are loud! United against the backlash” was the motto of the night. In addition to various insights into W7’s past and upcoming work, the colorful agenda featured high-level speakers and a panel discussion on the role of the G7 in countering the backlash. Read the W7 Press Release here.

“We need to stand up together against patriarchal structures and oppression and fight for a gender-just future which values every one of us in all our diversity”, stated Dr. Beate von Miquel, President of the National Council of German Women’s Organizations, during her powerful opening statement. Margit Gottstein, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and Masanobu Ogura, Minister in charge of Women’s Empowerment and Minister of State for Gender Equality Japan, responded in their welcoming remarks and emphasized their support for the inclusion of feminist civil society voices in G7 negotiations.

Led by moderator Juliane Rosin, the “Women7 Review Session” invited W7 Advisors ElsaMarie D’Silva, Founder of Red Dot Foundation and President of Red Dot Foundation Global, Prof. Lisa Davis, Associate Professor of Law, Co-Director of the Human Rights and Gender Justice Clinic and Special Adviser on Gender Persecution to the International Criminal Court Prosecutor, and Houraye Anne Mamadou, Head of the West African Office of the Forum for African Women Educationalists on stage to report on their experience of working with and within the 2022 Women7 Dialogue. Mamadou stressed that the impact of G7 decisions went far beyond the realm of G7 member countries and also affected countries in the Global South. Meaningful inclusion and representation of civil society voices from the Global South must therefore become a central goal of the G7 agenda, she said.

“How to counter the global gender backlash in the G7 and beyond” was the topic of the evening’s main panel moderated by W7 project coordinator Caroline Ausserer. Kicked off by an inspiring keynote by U.S. Special Envoy to Advance the Human Rights of LGBTQI+ Persons, Jessica Stern, the discussion included Lesia Radelicki, Member of Cabinet of EU Commissioner for Equality H. Dalli, Dr. Ulrich Oberndorfer, Head of G7/G20 Sherpa Office at the German Federal Chancellery, Erika Castellanos, Interim Executive Director of Global Action for Trans Equality, W7 Advisor Dr. Marianna Leite, Global Advocacy and Development Policy Manager at ACT Alliance and W7 Advisor Kemi Akinfaderin, Chief Advocacy Officer of Fòs Feminista.

Finally, Hardiani Uli Silalahi, Chairwoman of W20 Indonesia and Chair of the Department of Economy and International Relations at the Indonesian Women’s Congress (Kowani), Evelyne de Gruyter, Co-Head of the German W20 Delegation and General Manager of the Association of German Women Entrepreneurs (VdU), W7 Advisor Fumie Saito, Director for Global Advocacy at the Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning and W7 & W20 Advisor Prof. Pam Rajput, Founder and Director of the Centre for Women’s Studies and Development and Vice Chair of the National Alliance of Women (NAWO) came on stage to discuss next steps for the upcoming G7 handover to Japan.

Watch our event movie to see the power of around 200 participants from civil society and G7 governments united for women and LGBTIQ* rights:

 Download the event’s agenda and the speaker overview.

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